[Avir_megujitas] insulin cooling bag/medical cooler bag/ Icegel pack

Alice Su xxzfqbfq at ibf.org
2019. Aug. 24., Szo, 22:33:49 CEST

Dear Sir or Madam,

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This is Alice Su from Xiamen Egret Medcool Cold Chain Packaging Co., Ltd.We specialize in complete cold chain solutions - from design, testing to manufacturing - for the transport of products at safe temperatures in the medical and food industries,In scientific applications.
Hot sell products  : 
1. Insulin cooler bag
2. medical cooler box
3. medical cooler bag
4. Icegel pack

Light weight, pressure resistance, easy to travel.Different sizes and a wide range of products give you the flexibility to choose. also Can be OEM for you.

If you are interested , please don’t hesitate to contact me , then we can talk more details and samples .

Best blessing
Alice Su

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